Treating you with Kindness

Mindfulness for Distress.

Often, when we are anxious, we are focused on thoughts about the future.
When we are depressed, we may be focused on thoughts about the past.
When we bring our focus back to the present moment, we may notice that we are actually ok, just as we are.
We are still breathing.
Things may not be exactly the way we want them to be, but we can learn to accept things the way that they are, and keep moving towards what we want.

Evidence Based Treatments for

Lucy Locke

Who is Lucy Locke?

I trained in Counselling Psychology in London, United Kingdom, and have been registered since1998. Counselling Psychology provides evidence based treatments for ordinary people who are experiencing emotional and psychological distress and disturbance,

I have more than 10 year’s experience working with people of all ages experiencing anxiety, depression, addictions and eating disorders. The forms of treatment that I use are all evidence based. You can find out more about them here.

I am passionate about supporting people from a range of cultures and backgrounds. I have a strong interest in social justice and the effects of oppression on individuals. I have training and experience in working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. 

I am registered with the New Zealand Psychologist’s Board and a member of the NZ Psychology Society.

I practice yoga and mindfulness myself. I love upcycled and sustainable fashion and taking walks on the beach with my small dog